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About Us


Little Oak maintains its own network through the One Wilshire building in downtown Los Angeles, California. One Wilshire is the uncontested most connected building in the Western United States and the premier communications hub of the Pacific Rim.

Network hardware is owned and operated by Little Oak Hosting. Little Oak senior administrators with over ten years of experience monitor the network 24x7.


Little Oak Hosting owns and operates a private datacenter in Torrance, California.

Little Oak Hosting uses a load-balanced cluster of dual-core Intel based servers. Files are delivered to the web server cluster by a Netapp network-attached storage array. Nightly backups are made to a dedicated storage server.

All servers run All servers run CentOS 6 and Apache 2.2+.

Little Oak Hosting updates all software regularly. Critical security patches will be installed as soon as they become available. All standard software will be installed within days of its release to prevent interruptions of service.