Getting Visitors to Your Blog isn’t Easy; here’s how to do it!

When you’re looking to get more visitors to your blog, there’s only one thing you need to focus on – the content. Content is not only what will attract people to your blog, but it’s what will keep them there once they land on it. And even if you think you’ve got the best content that can be found on the web right now, you might be surprised to find out that you’re making some big mistakes. Here’s how to get even more visitors to your blog, and how to write content that will keep them there.

Use Sub-Headings or Bullet Points
No one wants to look at pages and pages of text. The chances are that, whatever the theme of your blog is, your readers want to be able to scan the page for the points they’re looking for and move on (hopefully to another one of your great posts.) For this reason, get rid of all that heavy text and organize your thoughts by using sub-headings, bullet points, or both. Your readers will easily be able to scan through the content, and they’ll be more appreciative of it too.

Have Interesting Headlines
Sometimes you want to get straight to the point, and that’s okay; but it doesn’t mean that your headline has to be boring. If it is, readers might not bother to continue on to the content to find out just how great it is. Still make sure that the headline clearly states what the post is about, but inject some personality into it to make it a little more user-friendly and a little less boring. If it’s a really great headline you’re using, that alone could be enough to get people to check out your blog.

Comment, Comment, Comment
No, you don’t want to comment on your blog (unless of course, you’re replying to a comment from a user.) But you do want to check out other blogs on similar subjects and respond to their posts with intelligent, helpful comments. Maybe you have a finance blog and find someone else’s post about happenings in the stock market, and notice that they left out a vital piece of information. Make a comment and include that info. You’ll establish yourself as an authority, and other readers of that blog will take notice and might go to the real expert’s blog – yours.

Guest Post
Commenting on the posts of others is a great way to get your name out there, but what if those users could actually see your writing on the blogs of others? It’s possible, when you become a guest blogger for other sites. Contact the webmasters of those blogs and ask if you’d be able to write a guest post for them. You’ll be able to reach more readers, and they’ll get a link on your website that will also bring readers to their blog.

There are many ways to get visitors to your blog, and some of them don’t even involve working on your actual blog. But that’s sort of the point. You need to be able to get creative with it and find ways to send people straight to your blog, or bring them over from other blogs that they’re visiting.