How to Get the Right Kind of Traffic

So you have a website and the whole point is to get as much as traffic to it as possible, right? Everyone knows that traffic equals revenue and what difference does it make whether that traffic comes from one post that’s gone viral, or a steady stream of high-quality posts? It matters. While this all might be traffic, what kind of traffic is it? There are different types and if you’re focusing on the wrong kind, your website simply won’t be reaching its full potential.

What is the right kind of traffic?
While traffic and owning a website is largely a numbers game, you must focus on the right kind of traffic. This is one area where quality really is better than quantity. The right kind of traffic includes users that visit your website often, browse through multiple pages while there, and spend a good amount of time digging around your site.

What makes these users so desirable is not only that they boost your page ranking within Google (because they do), but that they’re also the users that are most likely to give you direct revenue. They’re the most likely to purchase your product or sign up for your email list, and this is the audience that you really should be tailoring your website to.

What is the wrong kind of traffic?
While even the “wrong” kind of traffic will still build the overall traffic numbers for your site, that’s all they’ll do. These are the visitors that only visit your site once, leave almost as soon as they get there, and not go anywhere else but the landing page. Even with the boost in numbers, these visitors aren’t going to do too much for your website or your bottom line, so it’s important not to place all your focus simply on building numbers.

This type of traffic often comes when you’ve had a post featured on sites like or The exposure your site will receive on these sites is invaluable, and will increase the popularity of your page overall. In the best case scenarios, this initial exposure leads to visitors that come back again and again after hearing about it. However, the revenue generated from that one specific post won’t likely be enough to greatly boost profits, and no website owner should ever rely on one of their posts going viral in order to turn a profit.

Website traffic is important and generally the more you have, the more beneficial it will be to your site. However, it’s important that you don’t put all of your efforts into making your traffic numbers as high as possible without giving a second thought to the quality of that traffic. There is high-quality traffic and low-quality traffic and you want to make sure that every visit counts.