Why Incorporating Video onto Your Site is So Important

If you’re running a website or a blog – any kind of website or blog – you’ve probably heard about how incorporating video among all that text is so important to your users, and the success of your site. But why is it so important, and do you really need it?

One of the reasons having video elements on your site is so important is simply because Internet users get tired of having to read through long pages of text all the time. There is so much information on the Internet today that users can quickly become frustrated about having to read through it all. And one of the reasons for that frustration is because reading through all the fine print is not only time-consuming, it’s also boring for readers. Having video elements can be the solution to both of these problems.

That’s because what takes up an entire page of text to explain can easily be described in just a few minutes of video. The reason for this is because things can simply be explained more concisely when spoken aloud, than if they’re written down in print. Also, it’s more interesting for a user to sit and watch someone talk about a subject rather than sit there and read it all on their own. It keeps the user engaged, and that’s the entire point of incorporating video onto your site. Just check out the popularity of sites that rely completely on video, such as YouTube, to see just how popular video segments are.

Because users are more engaged and more interested when watching a video than reading something in text, they also tend to be more forgiving of your site, and any mistakes you might make. How many times have you seen comments on your site that say something such as, “They typo you made with ‘integration’ makes your site look really unprofessional.” Or, “Proofread and edit your work! It’s too hard to read!” While you don’t want to be stumbling and stammering through videos, when you misspeak or mispronounce something in a video, it will actually make you appear more human than it will less professional. People will love that, and it will give them one more connection to your site that will have them coming back time and time again.

Not every post or every page on your blog or website needs to have a video element to it. And you don’t even have to appear on the video, as you can simply show what you’re talking about on the screen, and do a voice narration over top of it. But yes, the time has come when you simply cannot get away with not having some kind of video element on your site. It’s one of the best and easiest ways to keep your users interested and invested in your site, which means they’re interested and invested in you!